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    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : September 16, 2018
  • Tajweed Guide To Read Right, Part 2

      This book will discuss the theoretical rules of Tajweed such as: articulation points (Makharij), characteristics of letters (Sifaat), the rules of Laam, and the relationship between two meeting letters. The rules of Isti’aatha إِسْتِعَاذَه  and Basmalah, Levels of Tafkheem, the rule of the stronger of the two causes of lengthening  قاعدة أقوى السببين  which is considered an addition to Madd lessons, also the meeting of Hamzatul Qat’ هَمْزَةُ الْقَطْعِ and Hamzatul Wasl هَمْزَةُ الْوَصَلِin one word.

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : August 17, 2018
  • Tajweed Guide to Read Right for Kids

      coming soon this consider a simplified version from Tajweed Guide to Read Right, part 1   

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : August 15, 2018
  • Hina Ghaffar

    Sister Neveen has been teaching my 9 year old daughter quran with tajweed rules for over 2 years now and I can say that I feel so fortunate and blessed that I found her through a friend! Sister Neveen is extremely knowledgeable and expert in teaching quran with tremendous patient which she shows to my daughter and gives her guidance and  confidance to read quran her self and to realize her mistakes and fix them as they are going over. Sister Neveen is also going over tafseer of each surah as they are reading and tell my daughter prophet stories and tell her to explore more as homework and they discuss about that in next class. As a non Arabic speaking background I was looking for a teacher who not only speaks Arabic but also is experienced teacher and I must say that I feel so blessed to have find her! Hina Ghaffar

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : September 15, 2018
  • Haneefah Dominguez

    Asalam'laykum everyone I hope this message finds you in good health and iman. I have benefitted a great deal from this institute in how to read the Qur'an with Tajweed. Also teacher Ehsan has been very patient with me and supportive. Also on side I did all the ruling of Tajweed which she explained beautifully and am truely in debted to her for the effort she put in to helping me. Am still one of her students after many years. I can sincerely recommended this institute for all dedicated students.

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : August 13, 2018
  • Basic Tajweed Course

    Basic Tajweed Course Starting with the very basics you will apply the Noor Ul Bayaan methodology to learn how to apply the rules of Tajweed. The books used to study Tajweed cover, in detail, all the main topics required to read Arabic and Quran proficiently. You will start by spelling out individual letters by applying Arabic terminology from the verses of the Quran and learn how to apply the rules of Tajweed. As you progress to spelling out full verses you will study and gain an understanding of which rules to apply. By the end of each verse you will have learnt the correct recitation of a verse with full knowledge of the rules to apply. In addition you will have access to videos of students reciting surahs by breakdown each ayat and spelling out rules as they are applied. Further more access to Video tutorials of Surah recitations with explanations of the rules performed by experienced teachers.

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : May 19, 2018
  • Khatmah Tilawah (Finish Qur’an Tilawah)

    Khatmah Tilawah (Finish Qur’an Tilawah) Course info: “…And recite the Quran with measured recitation.”   وَرَتِّلْ الْقُرْآنَ تَرْتِيلا …… [Qur’an 73:4] Tilawah for all Suras in shaa Allah in correct way  by Tajweed  Recitation Style: Hafs Teacher will help the students to read and correct the mistakes while reciting knowing the reason so as not to repeat the mistake in another Ayah (verse ) This course will be finished according to the fluency of the student  in recitation. And number of hours per week. Course Requirements: Student is required to know how to read Arabic words and must have knowledge of vowels, Sukoon, Madd, Tanween and Shaddah. Student is required to attend lessons on time and cooperate with the teacher. Student is required to submit regular feedback to the academy about the course as well as teacher.

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : May 13, 2018
  • Ijazaa

    Ijazaa Course Info: Recitation Style:the Riwayah Hafs ’an Assem by the Way of Ash-Shatibeyyah.  and In this course, student will take Ijaazah This means that he/she  will learn to recite the Qur’an from a teacher with a chain leading back to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Course Requirements: To join this course, student must be able to read Qur’an fluently and have completed Tajweed-ul-Qur’an Level 4 course. Recite all Qur’an with teacher to correct his/her mistakes. Minimum he/she memorizationd 3 chapters of Qur’an. Estimated course duration (Elders): 60 Hours Estimated commitment of study: 1-2 Hours per week .

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : May 13, 2018
  • Hifdh Al Qur’an

    Hifdh Al Qur’an This course will focus on memorizing the Qur’an (It can be Juz’ Amma, Juz’ Tabarak or entire Qur’an), depends on the student preference and goal. In this course student will be learnt how to recite Qur’an with its proper articulation and rules, Tajweed and Tarteel. Students will be expected to memorize selected Surahs with the correct rulings. One of our teachers who is qualified Hifdh ul Qur’an will support and monitor student progress. To join this course, student must be aware of tajweed rules.

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  • Tajweed with hifdh or memorization

    Level ( 1 ) about 25 hours: 1-Introduction about tajweed. 2-Mistakes in tajweed(Lahn khafi,lahn Jali).  3- Isti’adha and basmallah. (Seeking refuge and Saying the “Basmalah”. 4-Articulation point of letters (Makharij).  5-Rule of Noon and Meem Mushadadah. 6-Rules of Noon sakinah and Tanween .  7-Rules of Meem sakinah. Course info: Recitation Style: Hafs In this course, student will learn articulation points of Arabic letters, how to stop at the end of words, Noon Sakinah and Tanween rules, Meem Sakinah, Laam Sakinah, Qalqalah etc. This course will not only help students to learn basic rules of Tajweed, but will also train how to implement these rules during recitation. Teacher will focus on theory as well as practice (Tilawah). Each rule will be explained with detail examples from the Quran  The aim of this course is to build the foundation of Tajweed among students, improve their Makhaarij and to make them understand the different concepts, methods and rules of beginner’s level Tajweed for improved recitation style.  Successful completion of this course will make the student realize the importance of the Tajweed rules, fix their pronunciation and improve their reading skills.  Estimated course duration (Elders): 25 Hours. Estimated course duration (Children): 35 Hours. Estimated commitment of study : 1-2 Hours per week. Course Requirements: To join this course, student must be able to read Qur’an fluently Student is required to attend lessons on time and cooperate with the teacher. In case of children, parents are required to motivate and monitor the attitude, alertness and the behavior of student during lesson Student is required to submit regular feedback to the institute about the course as well as teacher.      

    Number of Comments : 0 | Date : May 3, 2018


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