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1,Arabic Alphabet and Num

2 ,Letters with Fat-hah

3,Words with Fat-hah

4,Words with Kasrah

5,words with Dammah

6,words with natural Alef

7,words with natural Yaa

8,words with natural Waw

9,Sukoon and its timing

10,The Definite Article A

11,The Definite Article A


13, Shaddah

14,Shaddah and Tanween


15,levels of reading

16,The Lahn or mistakes i

17,the stopping signs in

18,Rules of Laam in the n

19,The Rules of Raa

20,How to read Basmalah w

21,The Rules of Noon Saak

22,The Rules of Noon Saak

23,Exceptions to the rule

24,Sakt سَكْت or The brea

25, The Connective Length

26, How to recite Surat a

27, How to recite Surat a

28, النَّبْر or The Accen

29,The Madd Lazim in Qura

30, How to recite Surat a

31, How to recite Surat a

32, How to recite Surato

33, How to recite Surat a

34, The Rules of The seve

35, The Rules of Meem Sak

36, How to recite Surat Q


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